Pardada Pardadi village latrine appeal
April 29th, 2008 by vince

According to the website, nearly every girl at Pardada Pardadi in Karanpur wakes up before sunrise to go poop in the fields.


The site is now promoting a fund raising scheme to build 43 toilets in Karanpur.

This post was submitted by vince.

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  • en: I'm Up with Youtube to Exterminate IE6 from this planet LOLOL (That sounded like Megatron) or even beg to MS to make a better browser! =P 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: what can I eat instead of pasta or rice to fill me with carbs for running? would Jacket potatoes, chicken and bread do it? 07/14/09 11:48pm
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  • en: @nancy777ca Two words - Tony Little. I've never been so terrified. I'm not sure if it's the pony tail, the roids, or that high drone. 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: @sky14kemea cap'n and ttt try to save him then when he cones back be can say his last words or be fully well 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: oh do i describe my love for you......or my love for hott pole.... 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: @zbabycham thats why i never trust you when ur nice cuz it means its either gonna cost me or ive gotta do summat 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: @TheRealStoogle I should go in there and tell her Djordje in mine in 4 years or less, and not to fuck with a vitch! LOL 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: Wont be home for awhile, call or text if you're 'lucky' enough to have it. Haha 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: u may not know it @MariKurisato but i just turned today into unofficial @marikurisato appreciation day. don't thank me or nuthin..:) 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: @spamvicious It's pretty fantastic, I missed the first 20mins or so when I saw it though 🙁 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: no more drinks for me , or anything, food would be good actually ; // 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: with mi friendz...or goin ta be 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: When accts post "Get allot more followers" (yes, w/typo) & this link Are they desperate or infected? 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: @stephaniepratt Forget about them. Enjoy yourself in NYC! It's the big city afterall. Gotta keep your head about you or it'll swallow you! 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: Nashville or South Carolina??? I guess South Carolina it is. hahahaaaaaaa 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: trying to decide to sign up for shifts or just take PTO 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: over the last week or so i keep on getting the odd hickup, sounds like i'm really supprised& then calm in the space of a split second. 07/14/09 11:48pm
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  • en: 7/18 Moon conjunct Venus. If you don't have a date or a party, find one. Lovely day to enjoy life. 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: Philanthropy during a recession- are you giving more or less? 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: @PatrickJrPoet naw. I've never heard of either band playing @ HOB or the Nautica Pavilion tonight... not worth the elevator ride to me. 07/14/09 11:48pm
  • en: @Skizzzle Or Podcast beyond (But thats a PS3 One..Not for you..:P) 07/13/09 02:57am
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  • en: Driving to great ocean road back to Melbourne today. Port fairie is awesome. Might even ride for an hour or two. 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: 8D →attention successfully divrted2where those hands are,or rather,what is there, or isn't or uhuhuh damn yo--u I wouldn't even have noticed 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: can anyone tell me how to make hearts or musical symbols in ur text messages?? 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @SMMpharmd nice - frozen package or freshly made? I used to buy frozen veggie stirfry and add chicken but can't find same pkg anymore 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @inspiredmess Haha, question from the bf: "White Castle or Krystal in MO? Hardees or Carl's Jr? Jack in the Box? lol 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: When is my twitter networking gonna lead me to free passes, concert tickets or something...i mean goddamn.... 13 thousand posts...... 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: I want to go swimming today. It is hot. Or go to the movies in a nice AC. 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: I am hoping @Coasterfusion will dance in front of Frontier Trail Webcam or PagodaCam just for the fun of it! : ) 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @MaraATL um idk how many or what songs they are going to play so either remembering sunday, the beach, too much, or weightless whichever lol 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @MsEVeeE I had that same realization today. I carried 25-30 pairs of kicks to my storage. Not selling them though, or donating. 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @jeskeets Or in proper English, worse than Nick and Norah? 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @TanyaEby will your performance be funny or serious? 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: going to fix my car up tommorow as i do not drive a rolls or new vehicle i did but who wants to pay more than a house payment 4 a car 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @seregon are you just photobucketing his hp ones or his various photos? 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: RT @TBOChris Send photos of shuttle launch via @TBOChris or Include info so can map them & give you credit.Please RT 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: "Spiritual motivation should not replace medical information or nutritional advice." 07/13/09 02:52am
  • en: @TheFlaCracker you are correct I believe in both sides are too liberal and progressively leading us down the road to socialism or worse 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: Just woke up.. Don't know why, or how it's 8 i need to be sleeping, damn man lol 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: Packing for trip to Israel - not sure what I'm most excited about - the food, the sites or the family...can't wait 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: lake is very flat. 10kts or less from NNW. sunny 2. 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: Chocolate Or Grape Dutch????...... Shit Is Tuff!!! 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: New Video Tutorial: Using Twitter + OpenInviter API on your website or Blog to create a massive traffic infusion! 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: @quesarah are you seeing the movie? Or that digg interview of bruno? 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: Not to show off or anything but I'm doing a GREAT job today. No screaming at Diana this weekend! hahha! =) 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: Entertaining the idea of picking up a #blackberry or a #smartphone ... here comes the spam accounts , time for research WooHoo. 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: I am boycotting Bill OReilly. How can he tell a race who their icon should or should not be?? why do we even watch Fox?? http://bit.l ... 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: looking for a way to make financial ends meet or thinking of going into business for yourself? 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: downloading mode. kpop overload. not sure if it's a good thing or not. 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: What is 789gathering? It's when all the YouTube gurus or anyone from YouTube get together. Well know YouTubers like KevJumba are there. 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: errrrrr if i hear them play drake or young money one more time on the radio!! lol..sheeeesh..i mean da songs r nice but ure makn me hate em! 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: RT @mymomsview - giveaway - personalized book by I See Me! Either My Very Own Name or My Very Own Fairy Tale 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: | RSS Atom XML feed to, or 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: Avoir/Prendre de la bouteille. Having/Gaining some bottle, an expression that a thing or a person gains value experience or wisdom with age 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: @ammar_faheem Thank you. we are trying our best. any input from you people on how to make things better or new ideas will be welcome :p 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: @LoyalSammie or Cali!!! grrr! but tell him im glad hes safe! GOOF! lol! have fun today, and dont drink too much RB as ull be already excited 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: RT @leliophelia: Cool pictures. Did you punch your roommate yet or did you let her slide ? 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: you make me happy whether you know it or not 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: RT @mattrathbun: Just bought Thesis Theme.... (Is that for ur blog or mine?) 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: @brian_littrell Just wondering if theres a release date for the Soldier Down yet, or if its still just the end of the month? Thanks #BSB 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: Or dress up like a plankton and get free shrimp! 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: I'm gone for the week with out internets.... if you need me, call or text me. 07/11/09 06:17pm
  • en: @flyyoufools did she marry a tree or a dog? i get confused. 07/08/09 01:43pm
  • en: Kansas City Are you tired of the same bagel or pizza for your business meeting? Cater in Schlotzskys/Cinnabon 9137822867 07/08/09 03:04am
  • en: "Security is mostly superstitous and non-existent.Life is either a daring adventure or nothing." -Helen Keller #fb 07/06/09 11:57am
  • en: @BgirardHardLuck naw I don't trust u.. women are crazy, u mite stab me wit a tattoo needle or sumthing, and end up on snapped.. lol 07/06/09 11:37am
  • en: Bed, or read? 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @Caitlin182 Yea their new album should either be out late 2009 or early 2010 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: My @ replies are randomly disappearing - Anyone else having this issue or juss lil ol me? 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Was that a firework or did someone break the sound barrier? 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Not the gas. Guess we're not going to Huntsville afterall. Or anywhere. Awesome. Thanks, car. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: They used to just bark 'upstairs' or 'downstairs' at you! Today it was 'downstairs please'. Great filling portion and brilliant value. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @diablocody That said, I like fireworks from far distances..or at concerts with ear plugs. Don't see how McCartney does it (Live & Let Die). 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: read or watch return of the jedi? 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: bets that as an actor it's always fun to play either the villain or the prude. Especially when you're starring in your own sex tape. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Breaking News: We're huge in Canada. I don't know how, or why... but we're equivalent to the Beatles over the border.... 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @suzmarques are you heading to the rose bowl, or what are you up to this 4th of july 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @yongsly86 well its been passed 5 . so ur out alreadyy . or mayb not . 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: i <3 old navy maternity banded skirts. such a versatile clothing item! can be worn as a skirt, a top or a mini dress. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @Sleepythepoet how was the second day of D.O.S..? Breathtaking or lifetaking 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: #aion server/Siel/name Loni add me sorc lvl 16 if wanna do quest togethere or just grind... 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @_FK_ I bet it is either Naxos or Rattle.. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @DamianGrounds Sorry to have missed you tonight, sir. Was called away. Good night or good morning! 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @jamesmoran Should I send it to the Beeb or agent to forward on? 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @SuicidalSpider I end up web surfing and doing nothing all day, don't have family I can go spend time with or anything. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @AshleyTMoore the video of the show or music video 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Happy Fourth of July Everyone! I never want to see a hotdog or hamburger again.... 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Thinking about getting an I phone...should I or should I not... 07/05/09 03:27am
  • pt: @Junior_Lima Black or White! 😀 S? lembrava desse gritinho... 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Wishing all my Tweeps a safe and happy 4th of July holiday. Now get out there and enjoy some fireworks or have a few drinks with friends... 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Night at the Museum 2 or Land of the Lost? Decisions, decisions... 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @Racinallout THAT I do not know, probably lower or on the Superstretch or both. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • nl: make a move , or die . 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: To get back in the pool or not. That is the question. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @MyNameOnACloud exactlyy!That's why u need to come back..or atleast visit! U jus deaded NY and never looked back..smh 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @xoxo_pame what does it means?.. saying yes or what?? 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: love or lust...? switch me off. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: It's becoming increasingly apparent I am going to need a beer or ten to make it thru the night. LOL Prost! 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: is it just me or does Siavash look like a garden gnome with that red hat on? lol 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @Shellehnaut Or, wait! Texting? (': MWAH 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: Giving out sports trophies, according to the national youth corrdinator they dont want u to thank God or your mother forgiving birth 2 u lol 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @LilUnique Yeah, they like squish a load of vegetables together or something lol .. But honestly the meaty ones are much better! 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: "We can be successful and have enemies or we can be unsuccessful and have friends". Preach home boy.. American Gangster is my Shit y'all. 07/05/09 03:27am
  • en: @antoniajenae maybe mmmmhmmm... i black or white??? lol 07/05/09 03:27am

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