Bad toilet day
March 29th, 2009 by vince

A well known quote for this would be:
“To fail to plan, is same as planning to fail”

bad day

Reminds me of project managers in the UK civil service.

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  • en: @AimeeEcho is lady gaga a man, woman or even a robot! Worse than confusing.. Conflustering!! 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: Rain or Shine NZ Drift Pukekohe this Sunday BE THERE! 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: That is the truth! RT @danielsroka Sales/mktg is like flossing or working out. Hate doing it, love the results. Gotta establish a routine. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: Wow. I have never done so much organising in my life. Half-way there. Shattered and hungry. No time for food or drink. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: I just took the "Which Jonas Brother will fall for you?" quiz and got: Franklin Natheniel Jonas (AKA Frankie or Bonus Jonas)! Try it: ht ... 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: @gfalcone601 i think i am going to bake a cake! what kind of cake should i bake chocolate or plain cupcake or just one big chunker!!?? =) x 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: epic ALL night drink-a-thon. 8am and still strong? or not so much. brunch = yes 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: Trippin' with baby, or The Nightmare That Didn't Happen: Well, almost. Exhibit A:This was us (well, me behind th.. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: @batonabike ........but she says she wants that Keeps showering so not ideal for sitting out, poss later, with a glass :)) or 3 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: I stare at 2 games, one I luv ready for a second playthrough, the darkness. Underated big time, or one I never touched Kane & Lynch. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: hmmm, wot shud i do today? A)clean my room, B)Get drunk, C)choreograph a routine for my dance class, or C) Yoga day? 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: @joe_elway Hell, they should be glad they got you! Remember: Fast, Good or Cheap. Pick two! 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • no: God is Infinite. No beginning, middle or end...Everywhere!!! 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: @theaugust How the heck did you manage to make it so hot, anyway? Do you have an industrial-strength microwave or something? 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: hahahaha I can't wait to see him mbak :pV @locyne he must be wearing a 'peci' or what like the other bald guy :pp 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: @Delilah_Marie joke or no joke...its creepy. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: @chidorio not sure about Sent but I'm sure there's a way to set up two different inboxes or at least filter inbound mail to separate folders 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: Quality in a service or product is not what you put into it. It is what the client or customer gets out of it. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: I may have to block ALL email from Ning if I continue to get 1 or 2 of those a week 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: @jsslifelike yeah man not a way to start a weekend or any other day... How's wifey doing and her mom... 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: RT @MaxLucado: Fear never wrote a symphony or poem, negotiated a peace treaty or cured a disease.Courage did that. Faith did that. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: female intuition usually comes along to warn you of something you don't want to know or happen, it will do anyway, forewarned is forearmed? 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: it has taken me some time, but i guess i should drop a note here:no matter how few people were around or what i .. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: Should I get a #Blackberry Curve 8310 or a Blackberry Pearl 8100 ?Please help me decide .. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: Just 5 minutes remain. Very difficult to decide whether to switch to dry or stay on intermediates! #F1 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: 'Joseph' offers fun for the whole family: WINCHESTER -- Musicals come serious or silly, but few among the latter.. 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: RT @TomVMorris: May wisdom come into your life today Special Delivery! Or at least Fed Ex Earliest Possible Delivery! 07/11/09 04:37pm
  • en: RT or visit this link to join a twibe (Twitter group): 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @DatYSboi your not ugly shut up .. let me let you in on a little secret i don't follow ugly people except like 3 or 4 lol 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @wryckyanno that is so true. but when we say he's gay or anything, he'll say it's a joke. but it's just too real! plus, no sign of girls! 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @twitrobo No feed specified, or Unable to read RSS feed 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • it: @gfalcone601 GIOVAAAAAAAANAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!! hi (: pick one: Danny or Dougie? (: 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: if he says New Moon i might cry ohh i hope he says Harry Potter cause thats sexy or Public Enemy &then is inspired to grow a moustache ^_^ x 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world….or at least make her ex-boyfriend very very... 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: apparently coffee's good for preventing dementia! So, I can have another cappuccino then?..........Just in case, or is it too late? !!! 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Coffee good or bad? It's more your relationship to it...if you can't start your day without it, then possibly a little break is in order. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: So, since I'm not even in Florence today, you bbs know the drill: dm me if anything happens or if you want to say something to me <3 y'all! 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @joshourisman leave me something in Russian or Hebrew. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Debating whether to go in the rain to set up for the Waltz,Mi outdoor show. If anyone if Waltz or Carlton what's it like there? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @DitzyDiamond Aww you poor thing! I recommend germolene or savlon for helping burns hurt less. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Another leak? WTH? It's like my house is mad at me or something. *sigh* 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @vene2ia How does that work? It seems like either a photoshop thing or a bug. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @enygma The Mac Pack is the way to go. Includes Leoard, iLife 09 & iWork 09 for great price. Or "Mac Family Pack" for 5 of each, only $1 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Wonders if seeing the international space station in dream is good thing or bad thing 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @AroundDaWayGirl. I c u fresh out talkin shit! lol but don't hate on the BB Jr or we gone have problems 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: A year ago from today, me @catrinacarlos @katelynnicolas and kristel were at kiss fm waiting or in in the rain. WE'RE CRAZY BITCHES!!! 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: RT @foundingfather- aye The time is near at hand which must determine whether Americans are to be free men or slaves. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • : maybe on a friday or saturday if i'm lucky. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @TeaPartyShirt Or maybe once settled I need to have my own. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @HERMANOPRIMERO Helps tenderise and soften it. But do bash it first. The marinade in OO w a chopped shallot or two&fresh thyme, if you like. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: now, do i have the microwave pizza in there that i was given permission to consume, or get something not as awful for me? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: I am using twitter after a long time while also surfing the net to find out more abt sociology....still dunno if i lyk it or hate it........ 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: whats the best part abt summer? smell of freshly cut grass in morning, or hearing the ocean waves whilst at beach? or stayin up late ? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • no: Aww cant log in my blog or cp 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • : (8) 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Waiting out the thunderstorm so the kids can swim like the wind. Or like fish? sharks? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Is 2 1/2 years old too young an age to intoduced to a beer at lunch or should I just stick with the juice? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: is wondering South Beach Miami or Santa Barbara California in a month?? hmm decisions...x 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: ps, I'm thinking of starting an all raw diet tomorrow. Could be either a giant mistake or just so awesome. Pahaha... 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: It's a wedding or Family party. Hard to tell the difference. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @ilyChrisBreezy He might be really busy or have legal stuff to deal with now. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @faceofboe HI Andy from Dyson here, sounds like you need our help! Call us on 1866MYDYSON in the US or 08002980298 if in the UK. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @millerbrother1 Paul writes about doing more harm than good. 1Co11:17 God will always get His work done: around us or with us. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @hanamileyfan i found it on some page. i think it's or something like that. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: our quiet time, touching your face: they're all part of the list; things that i miss.your laugh, the way you smile or the way we kiss. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Looking fwd to hearing what docs and nurses have to say about healthcare reform in 140 characters or more 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Is 2 1/2 years old too young an age to intoduced to a beer at lunch or should I just stick with the juice? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @mittensrule Well it is a nice garden, if I was a fox (or indeed a badger) think I'd quite like to hang out there. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @dwellspsychic in any way??? a donation of a signed picture to raffle off or something anything will be a real big help thank you 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @joeeckert A USB to mini-USB as is typically used with a Garmin or most digital cameras? Sitting in the front of the state room. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • es: @lavsmohan So is it Obama or Sarkozy ? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Maybe I should unfollow myself? myselves?? hmmmm am I schizophrenic, or am I? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Maybe I should unfollow myself? myselves?? hmmmm am I schizophrenic, or am I? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Digital Delivery art to test the Twitter buy tool.. $ 5. or RT + $buy @twotweet Sat 6:06pm 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Thankfully not a slipped disc, doctor believes more likely to be muscular issue or trapped nerve - still damn painful though! 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Bathtub Refinishing Or Training Book. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @FionaFlame I miss getting on the tube or a bus and the 'Englishness 'of England. Can get PG Tips, Paxo, Baked Beans, Marmite etc here. 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: @cusackjames 22.40 showing at Cineworld? That or 20.40? 07/11/09 04:36pm
  • en: Please retweet: just signed petition 'No Season 4 Without Ianto or Janto' - 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: T-shirt & my panties on, T-shirt & my panties oooon! lawd, i need 2 get a life..or get laid..or get sum more sleep! 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: Is BRUNO entertaining like BORAT? or a waste of time? 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: Corn is a miracle crop (or as I like to think, it's a'maize'ing) 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: Are you planning your next trip? Or sharing your vacation package with others? Either way,we are your source to help you. Please follow us. 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: @frazzel Cool. Are you just visiting the flower show or do you work there? 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: @mikeybigbar It's either Swine 'Flu or the much more dangerous Man 'Flu! 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: Im hoping I have found solution to yesterdays dropped bomb. Google may have saved the day...or the life to be more exact. 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: Success! VS2010 looks cool but UI is behaving slower than VS2008. Either done with native controls or WPF, IntelliSense need to be fast. 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: @Chrisdog93 Thats what i did but what do i put it under? Photos ,blogs,or homepage Here is the web help me out! 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: Mostly want to be sure you r all on your toes and ready for the best- cause w/ me there is not much else to be or do. 07/11/09 04:35pm
  • en: Why can't any capable physican give the right script for a titer or give a shot. They are the ones that need the documentation. 5 trips?! 07/08/09 08:33pm
  • en: This month could be disasterous. Or amazing. Why can't it be both? Why can't it be both. 07/08/09 08:33pm
  • Sign up and add your site to Site Catalog, <b>or</b> Ad Board - for free.: Sign up and add your site to Site Catalog, or Ad Board - for free. 07/08/09 08:33pm
  • en: @marymancini Or cuter! 07/08/09 08:33pm
  • en: @jasminehalili when u say ur goin old skool. Does that mean retro lookin LX3 or ur goin back to film? Perhaps polaroid? 😛 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Hmm...what's the best desk toy you ever received (or seen).... everyone has something right?? 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: When a friend is in trouble or in need, don't ask if there is anything you can do; just find something decent to do and just do it! 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: No practice or shows till next week... nex show is on tuesday at our good friend the chocolate moose, come and show support 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @marcoarment That was Oscar Mayer the 3rd or so, I think? Wikipedia says the original died in 1955. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @heycassadee you at an apple store or at&t store? If an apple store, which one. No srsly I know folks in Boston. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Second Half Collapse to defend winner's title this week at the Green Man! But more importantly, will i have veg burger or fish n chips? :3 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @yougrowgirl maybe it could be one in a series? Or a two-parter? 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @chaseb Contador, or course 😉 I'm not an ?ber fan like you, but it's fun to watch, especially if it's going to be live! 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @kelliebob is that hotter or cooler than crying hot? 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Responding to: "Britney Spears' Candies Ads: Fly or Bye? | Flypaper" ( 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • Some college/CEGEP/vocational <b>or</b> t.. <a href=""></a>: Education: 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @rott1058 or you are preparing for the #Zombies (via @mickzilla) ~ Dude, cloudy(no visible full moon) + rain = No #Zombies 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @dreamsequins please do not think all UESers are vanilla! Also, if they're having U come uptown for dinner, go 2 bar etats-unis. Or spigolo. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Downtown Location: Drink: Wht Choc Spice Berry mocha, Soup:Cream Of Broccoli, Lunch: 1/2 a Bellevue & cup of Soup or salad! Barbaras baking! 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @MollyFox1015 just catching up, thanks so much. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help or topics you'd like covered. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @yoitsdrea hahah yo what it do.... dec 2, 4, 6, or 8!..... or 18.... or 16 🙂 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT HERES DA NAME ---> @Skiilo_ent <--- IF U WANT 2 TALK SHIT OR BLAST ME OFF USE DA RIGHT NAME. DNT CHANGE IT SO I DNT C YA TWEET.< Gutta! 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @jchristenbury P90X sounds like some kind of spy plane or something. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Neighbor, I can't tell if you're average in a Michael Cudlitz-in-Band of Brothers (ie adorable) sort of way or if you're just average. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @tremorx did you expect to be the subject or #crayonday ? I think not! 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Working off my 11 day europe bender and it feels good....or normal.. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Is it love or stupidity. Idk anymore 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @BabyJMarie It's really not that glorious. They just lurk me and never say anything. I'd like a "hi" or a "how are you?" once in a 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: "Give me cereal, or give me death!" 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT @agency3This afternoon it will be 12:34 pm and 56 seconds or 12:34:56 7/8/9. This won't happen again in our lifetime. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: #dontyouhate when people are mean or rude to you for no apparent reason smh shame on u 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Add #artsfest to ur posts if ur coming 2 PSU this weekend (or if u wish u were) and lets get #artsfest into the trending topics! plz rt! 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: page 9: @Otaliarocks and @doodle79 throwing each other under bus...who is double agent here? who speaks truth? or is this all just bile? 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT @hotforwords: The Europeans get the same thing at: 12:34:56 on 7 Aug. 2009. So end of world is either later today or next month! За 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: RT @Ashley Sharie - 3yr old MISSING. Please say a prayer or keep positive thoughts out for her safe return 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: & the beginning is more than the 1st stab or the 1st several stabs. Prayer is a matter of keeping @ it… 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @reneegmora there are soo many "bots" that key in on certain words or phrases. Hard to keep up. I recently said gayness,& BOOM, ::: 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: LIFE: No-cook cooking: Five cool-down dishes that don’t require flame, oven or stovetop 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Confused!@#$%^ whats more ridiculous??? uniform for degree students or uniform of the standard of primary children, for degree students.... 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Passport file peeker ordered to pay $5,000 fine (Boston Globe): A 30-year veteran of the State Department was or.. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: just created his twitter; is it some kind of like the latest trend you should be following or a newfound necessity?? 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @johnskim Birthday 25 has proven crappy so far. Lesson learned: do not go to class on my birthday (or see conscientious people-- agreed) 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Our Special Offers page has been redesigned (or REDesigned): 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @ryansholin My readers are not part of my community. They won't babysit my kids in a pinch or coach my kid soccer... 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: curremt obsession...... make it or break it 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @vincedomingo I don't no if uve heard or not, but no one is allowed to make sarcastic remarks towards the mayor 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Or broadband access? @craignewmark: RT @SteveCase: You'd think water would be a basic rigpht: (via @playpumps) 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Do you exercise for the immediate health benefits, the future health benefits, or vanity? 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @creaturecomfort Are you out for a visit or have you officially moved? Hugs all around to you sweet ladies 🙂 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @HOT97 pls tell Mr. Cee to slowdown or he might burn the building down with all those classic southern tracks.STRAIGHT FIRE 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @jalexjohnson2 It's hard if you're dumb or don't care. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: #dontyouhate wen a ugly nigga or female try to holla & think u gonna give dem 5 minutes of ur time jus bkause dey get fresh......if u ug ... 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: July 17. Come and see @justinsteepe and his band Shabamzy at The Central. $5 or PWYC. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @frankie_detroit i missed swedish twins or meatballs? lol 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @supremequeen87 lmao! or #dontyouhate when you see 98 twitter updates and they're all posted by tila tequila. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @islanddogdoc dang triplet I'm sorry. We must have bad digit juju or something- my thumb is still throbbing. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: Watch my pastor John Meador on Life Today with James Robison Thursday. TV schedule -, or view online -- 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @scott_tobias Once on IFC or some place, I caught an abbreviated version of HAMLET he directed and starred in. It was pretty cool. 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @disorderly Enjoy! at your own peril? *grin* For some reason, I'm now humming an Aerosmith song... 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: New article from Bog Copper Transformations site: "Are You Your Thinking Mind or Pure Conscious Awareness?" 07/08/09 08:32pm
  • en: @vrockaknolkasa Are you at work? Or just bored in general. 07/08/09 08:32pm

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